Reinforcement Wire Cassettes Type

Suitable for the production of smooth or ribbed low, medium and high carbon wire, copper, aluminium and titanium wire, starting from steel and copper rod.

Special Wire Microcassettes
Type C

Cassettes Type C can quite easily replace traditional dies.

Special Wire Microcassettes Type D

Cassettes Type D can quite easily replace traditional dies.

Custom Made Wire Cassettes

Wire Cassettes Accessories








Rolls for Hot Applications




Straightening Rolls for Rod

Tungsten Carbide Wire Rolls





Eurolls Wire Process

Cold Rolling Lines LGV - LGH

Rolling line for production of smooth and/or ribbed construction wires. Extremely compact and versatile.

Cold Rolling Lines NLGEH

Production of ribbed wire for concrete reinforcement by cold rolling of smooth rod or by stretching of hot rolled ribbed rod.

Cold Rolling Lines NLGH

Cold rolling line for production of smooth and/or ribbed wires for reinforcement.Compact, versatile and equipped with independent horizontal axis bullblocks,complete with stands for the EurollsCold Rolling Cassettes.

Dry Drawing Machine TD

Traditional multipass lines with die or Eurolls Cold Rolling Cassettes.

Wet Drawing Machine TB

Easy string-up due to the ergonomic Study/position of all components. Perfect alignment of the wire path on dies.

Lattice Girder Lines TE40

Automatic production of electro-welded lattice girders from cold rolled wire and/or hot rolled wire rod.

Flux Core Welding Wire Production Line

Integrated line; shaping, filling, sealing and drawing the tubes.

Electrode Sticks Production Line RTE

RTE straightens and cuts the steel wire used for the production of electrode welding sticks.

CO2-Subarc Welding Wire

Copper-plating of steel wire after dry drawing to use in welding wire production process within the CO2 atmosphere.

Steel Fiber Production Lines IF

High and continuous production of steel fiber almost any type, shape and dimension.

Cold Rolling Combined

Combined straight bar production lines unites cold rolling/stretching of hot rolled rod with straightening and cutting.


LRB/LRR lines straighten and cut wire at high speed while maintaining precise length tolerances.

LRPC Wire and LRPC Strand

High carbon wires. Lines for production of low relaxation steel wire for prestressed concrete and structural reinforcement.

Multiwire Pay-Off System

Pay-off systems particularly suitable for annealing, patenting, galvanizing, coppering and brassing lines.

Multiwire Take Up System

Take-up systems for low, medium and high carbon steel wires in pattern-laid coils, for non-stop operation.



Vitari Wire Process

Complete Lines

NR Straightening and Cutting Lines

Vitari NR Series of automatic straightening and cutting machines

Barbed Wire Machine BVM

Conventional barbed wire manufacturing.

Barbed Wire Machine BVR

Iowa reverse-twist barbed wire manufacturing.

Nail Machine VR

Chain Bending Machine MC Series

Chain Machine C17T

Chain Welding Machine SH Series

Chainlink Fencing Machinery MG series

Dress Hanger Machines

Hexagonal Netting Machine For Gabions