SGA Industrial Ltd

SGA Industrial Ltd was founded in Reading, the United Kingdom in 2016. We work for metal tube and wire sectors in cooperation with Eurolls SpA that is producer of wire rolling cassettes, rolls, welded tube tooling-accessories and complete wire processing lines which includes EUROLLS wire machinery and VITARI range of wire machinery. Various types of wire processing machineries can be named as part of EUROLLS and VITARI product range such as cold rolling machines, dry and wet drawing machines, pc wire-pc strand manufacturing lines, steel fiber machines, lattice girder machines, starightenning-cutting machines, barbed wire machines, chain making machines, gabion mesh and chainlink mesh machines, nail making machines...
Our company plans to supply wearing operational parts of Eurolls products from the stock in time.


For the wire industry, Eurolls was the first company to convert the traditional die process in wire drawing, to wire rolling, by means of its unique quality microcassettes. Rolling more sophisticated materials is always a challenge for Eurolls.

On wire machinery side Eurolls Machinery Division can offer variety of products to meet wire manufacturing needs like cold rolling, dry drawing/rolling, wet drawing, straightening and cutting, lattice girder, pc wire, pc strand and from Vitari line straightening and cutting, barbed wire, chain making, chainlink mesh and nail making. In close collaboration with our customers we develop solutions for their current and future wire processesing requirements.


In the Tube sector, Eurolls is recognized worldwide as one of the best suppliers of tooling. The entire process from design to heat treatment, is made in house. Eurolls reference list includes renowned leading tube manufacturers, throughout the world, covering parts for the automotive industry to API applications. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements for welded tube production, standards the final product to meet and to provide them with the proper tooling solutions.

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